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Radiesse Softer lines … plumper lips … a more youthful appearance. Radiesse is a long-lasting injectable filler ideal for lip augmentation and treating wrinkles.

A longer-lasting alternative to Collagen Replacement Therapy ®, Radiesse offers similar benefits to collagen, i.e., creating fuller lips and filling wrinkles, but the results may last for years instead of only months.

Plus, since the material is a synthetic form of a mineral found in our own bones and teeth (calcium hydroxylapatite), the body does not perceive it as “foreign,” and there is no allergic reaction. Therefore, a skin test is not required (as is necessary with bovine-derived collagen).

Radiesse can be used to treat the wrinkles between the nose and mouth (nasolabial folds), the lines from the mouth to the chin (“marionette lines”) and to augment the lips. In some cases, Radiesse can be used to fill certain kinds of scars.

Radiesse is injected during a simple office procedure using a numbing cream or local anesthetic for comfort.

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