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Mole Removal Virginia Beach

Price Range: $250-$500 Price varies depending on Excisional or Laser Removal

Do you have a mole on your body that has been bothering you? Some people are born with moles, which are raised, dark areas on the skin, while others experience moles that appear over time.

Moles in prominent or highly visible places can make people self conscious about showing their skin, and as a result, they are often removed for cosmetic reasons. Moles with any irregularities, such as uneven shape or color, or which have recently changed should be checked by a doctor for melanoma or skin cancer.

Your benign mole may be removed through:
Excision: The mole is cut out or shaved away, often requiring a small number of stitches.
Laser: Heat is used to “burn” away the mole and seal off the skin

In most cases, the area surrounding the mole to be removed will be numbed with a local anesthetic. The procedure usually takes less than an hour. Dr. Lopes will choose the best treatment based on the size, color and location of the mole.

Post-operative Procedures & Recovery

It usually takes between one and two weeks to fully heal after a mole removal. You should be able to return to your normal activities almost immediately. If your mole is excised, the stitches will often be removed after five to 10 days.

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