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Lip Implants Virginia Beach

Price Range: $3200-$3500

Lip implant procedures are performed on an outpatient basis and can usually be done in Dr. Lopes’ office in approximately an hour under local anesthesia. The silicone implants are inserted into the upper and/or lower lip through tiny incisions at the corners of the lip. Dr. Lopes uses the PermaLip™ Facial Implant which consists of soft, solid silicone elastomer and cannot rupture, deflate or degrade over time. The implants correspond to the dimensions of the lip and are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate the unique characteristics of each person’s lip(s), tapering at both ends to conform naturally to the normal shape of the lip. While the Perma™ Facial Implant is a permanent alternative to filler, it is also designed to be easily removed should a person wish to adjust the size or return to the original appearance of their lip.