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Fat Grafting Virginia Beach

Price Range: per area (under Local Anesthesia) $1000-$1800

Fat grafting, also known as fat transfer, is the injection of fat to various areas of the body and face. Fat grafting is an excellent option for facial rejuvenation for patients in Virginia Beach. Dr. JoAanne Lopes is a highly skilled cosmetic surgeon who can provide you with beautiful and natural-looking results from your fat grafting in Virginia Beach.

The Aesthetic Benefits of Fat Grafting

The fat is used to restore volume and balance to a particular area. In the face, the areas that are typically augmented are the cheeks, nasolabial folds, marionette folds, temples, jawline, and tear troughs areas. This is often done in conjunction with some type of facelift but can be performed alone.

How Fat Grafting Is Performed

Fat grafting requires removing fat from one area of the body and placing it in another area of the body. The intention is that the fat will take as a graft and live thereby promoting long-term results. Techniques for fat graft harvesting can be through a gentle hand harvesting or suction method. Typical donor sites are the abdomen and hips but other areas such as the outer, inner and anterior thighs, back and arms can be used. Once the fat is harvested, the fat graft is then placed into the desired area using blunt cannulas. The fat is placed using multiple tunnels in minute amounts of fat with each pass of the cannula. By using this technique, the fat graft has a much higher blood supply so that survival is improved and the results are smoother. Various amounts of fat are used to augment the area depending on the overall anticipated result.

Despite the fact that fat transfer has been around for decades, it has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Harvest processing and transfer techniques continue to improve making the reliability of the “take of the fat grafts” more predictable. Still, fat grafting may need to be repeated more than once to achieve the desired results. Finally, the indications for fat grafting are expanding to new horizons such as buttock and breast enlargement.

Recovering from Fat Grafting

There may be some swelling and discomfort around the area where the fat was harvested and the area where the fat was injected. These issues should subside over the coming days. Any pain or discomfort can be managed with over the counter medication. Most patients need around a week of recovery before they can resume their normal activities.

The Cost of Fat Grafting

Each fat transfer procedure is personalized based on the desired aesthetic goals of the patient. The Cost of fat grafting can vary based on the techniques used and the work needed to provide the patient with results that satisfy their needs. we do offer financing plans to make the payment process easier for our patients.

Schedule a Consultation

Contact the Cosmetic Surgery Center today to schedule a consultation for your fat grafting. During the consultation, Dr. Lopes can address any questions or concerns you may have regarding the fat transfer procedure. Dr. Lopes is dedicated to providing the best fat grafting results Virginia Beach has to offer.