Earlobe Repairs Virginia Beach

Price Range: $300-$500

Torn, split, or enlarged earlobe piercings can occur from trauma, heavy ear rings, or more recently gauging. The split may be unattractive and render the ear lobe unusable for jewelry.

Repair of the earlobe is performed in an office setting under local anesthesia (numbing medicine). The healed and scarred aspect of the tear will be excised in a straight line. This allows for reapproximation of the new wound edges to heal. The wound will be closed with a very fine suture and the stitches will be removed in seven days. Discomfort after the procedure is usually minimal and controlled with over the counter pain medication such as Tylenol. You may shower and shampoo as usual even with the sutures in place. Small amounts of antibiotic ointment are applied to the earlobe for a few days following the procedure. You can expect a pencil thin scar that is barely visible. Repiercing can take place after 8 weeks of the repair. It is important to prevent recurrent earlobe damage therefore, be careful with heavy ear rings and loops around small children. As with any cosmetic procedure, a consultation is required to discuss your concerns, go over possible complication, the procedure and expectations etc.

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