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Combination Procedure — Mommy Makeover Virginia Beach

Published on May 11, 2015
Combination Procedure Virginia Beach

Today’s women no longer have to hide or conceal the areas of the body they’re uncomfortable with following their pregnancy. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. JoAnne Lopes offers a combination procedure known as the mommy makeover. Now, whether at the pool

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Blepharoplasty — Virginia Beach Eyelid Surgery

Published on May 4, 2015
Blepharoplasty Virginia Beach

Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, can be done to correct drooping upper eyelids, puffiness in the upper and lower eyelids, and sagging lower eyelid skin. This procedure does not address crow’s feet lines, dark pigmentation of the lower eyelids, or drooping

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Soft-Tissue Fillers — Virginia Beach Juvederm Treatments

Published on April 26, 2015
Soft-Tissue Fillers Virginia Beach

Effective ways to fight the aging process and counteract wrinkling are in high demand. Being able to do this without surgery and with discretion is a wonderful bonus. With soft-tissue fillers, a smoother, younger-looking face is now possible. There are several

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Breast Implant Surgery — Virginia Beach Saline Silicone

Published on April 20, 2015
Breast Implant Surgery Virginia Beach

Last year, there were 290,000 breast procedures performed in the United States. This makes breast implant surgery the current most commonly utilized cosmetic surgical procedure. The desire for enlarged breasts continues to lead the industry and has done so since 2006. As

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Fat Transfer — Grafting Injections Virginia Beach

Published on April 13, 2015
Fat Transfer Virginia Beach

After your skin has experienced years of wear and tear from the elements, facial revitalization can be a welcomed improvement. Facial fat transfer could be the best option among the many available facial procedures out there. This rapidly growing technique is great

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Laser Hair Treatments — Virginia Beach Non-Surgical

Published on April 6, 2015
Laser Hair Treatments Virginia Beach

Nobody likes going through the hassle of buying and applying treatments like creams and lotions that don’t last. If you’re tired of fighting a losing battle against unwanted body and/or facial hair, don’t spend unnecessary resources on waxing, plucking, and shaving. Let laser

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CoolSculpting Treatments — Virginia Beach Fat Freezing

Published on March 27, 2015
CoolSculpting Treatments Virginia Beach

It’s natural to be skeptical about the effectiveness of a revolutionary non-invasive fat-reduction process that can shed inches off your problem areas by literally freezing stubborn body fat. After one million CoolSculpting treatments worldwide, the proof is in the pudding. With settings

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Blepharoplasty Recovery — Virginia Beach Post-Operative

Published on March 23, 2015
Blepharoplasty Recovery Virginia Beach

Once Dr. JoAnne Lopes has performed the necessary adjustments to your eyelids during eyelid surgery, the next step is the blepharoplasty recovery phase. This is a critical time after surgery when the area around the eyelids must repair and adjust to the changes that

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Breast Implant Replacement — Virginia Beach Revision Surgery

Published on March 15, 2015
Breast Implant Replacement Virginia Beach

There are numerous reasons a patient may require a breast implant replacement. In some cases, they may want to change the size to make it bigger or smaller, or they could be swapping out for routine maintenance. In more rare

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Labiaplasty — Body Procedure Labia Virginia Beach

Published on February 27, 2015
Labioplasty Virginia Beach

There are numerous reasons why a woman would elect to undergo a labiaplasty procedure. In many cases, women are born with large, asymmetric folds of the labia majora or labia minora. Excessive tissue could result in discomfort or uncertainty in

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