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Implant Removal & Replacement Virginia Beach

Price range: $4900-$6300+* *Mentor Memory Shape Implant Fees are higher

There are different reasons why an implant may be removed and replaced. The most common reason is implant deflation or rupture. If this were to happen to you, there is no risk or need to panic. A deflated saline implant will not harm you, it will just look odd because one breast is fuller and larger than the other breast. If your silicone implant has ruptured this can only be determined by MRI because your breast will look normal and feel normal as usual. It is important to make an appointment so an evaluation can be performed and your replacement scheduled. At this point you have an option of replacing the implant with a similar saline or you can choose a silicone implant. One or both implants can be replaced at this time and we will review the terms of your original warranty. Both Mentor and Inamed implants have a lifetime warranty for the implant alone and you may be eligible for the financial supplement associated with your original warranty.

The surgery will be performed under general anesthesia. The implant will be removed and any alterations to the capsule if needed will be performed at that time. If the original implant was placed in the submuscular position at the time of the original operation, then the second operation is usually much less uncomfortable than the first. If however the implant needs to be changed from a subglandular position to a submuscular position, you may have more discomfort post operatively. Most patients can return to work 5 to 7 days after the operation. Exercise may be resumed anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks depending upon the operation.

Sometimes the implant may need to be replaced if you have developed capsule contracture. If this were the case, the breast may feel firm from the capsule thickening. At the time of surgery, if the implant was placed subglandular it may be changed to a submuscular position. Also, capsulectomy, capsulotomy or ADM may be added to your procedure. In any event, I will discuss the options at your pre-operative evaluation.

It is very helpful if you can bring along the operative note or if you have the knowledge of the type, size, and position of the original implant surgery.