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Mons Lift Virginia Beach

Price Range: $4500-$5200

Pregnancy, weight gain and loss, and aging all have effects on our bodies. The pubic area also known as the mon pubis can be left full and with some sagging. Even after a tummy tuck the mons area can protrude if it is not addressed. The mons pubis is the hair bearing are a of the pubis. Fullness of this area can affect both men and women. It can produce and unattractive bulge for women in clothes and bathing suits.

The mons rejuvenation can be performed in conjunction with an abdominoplasty or alone. During an abdominoplasty, the excess fat of the mons can be liposuctioned or directly defatted to decrease the bulge. The mons is then lifted to the tummy tuck incision and some additional skin may need to be removed at this time.

The mons area can also be rejuvenated without a tummy tuck. If you have a C-section or hysterectomy scar, this can be used for the lift. A strip of skin and fat is removed and then lifted so it is closed within the scar. This lift can also be performed by creating a scar that resembles a C-section scar if you do not have one already but need the lift. If there isn’t any sag to the skin, the area can be liposuctioned to give a nice contour.