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Labiaplasty Virginia Beach

Price Range: $2500-$3500

Many women suffer from oversized or asymmetrical labia minora, the folds of skin or “lips” surrounding the entrance to the vagina. While some women are born with this condition and are affected by it throughout their lives, it can also appear later in life with aging or due to stretching during childbirth. Women who have oversized or asymmetrical labia minora often experience discomfort when wearing certain clothing. During sexual intercourse, it can be a cause of embarrassment with a sexual partner.

At the Cosmetic Surgery Center in Virginia Beach, many patients feel more comfortable having a female surgeon perform the labiaplasty procedure. In your private consultation with Dr. Lopes, you’ll discuss the procedure and your medical history. She will then review your treatment and recovery, plus answer any questions. The labia reduction procedure is relatively pain free. Small incisions are made to remove any excess tissue or to even the edges of the labia minora. After surgery, sensation in the labia minora are normal.

Post-operative Procedures & Recovery

Labiaplasty involves outpatient surgery, so you return home right after surgery. You can shower on the day following your surgery and resume normal, everyday light activities the same or next day. Since pain is minimal and is mostly gone within the next few days, it usually requires minimal medication. Swelling is mild to moderate and peaks two to three days, then disappears rapidly over the next three weeks. There is typically minimal or no bruising and no sutures to remove.

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