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Hide Your True Age with a Neck Lift

Published on May 4, 2017
Natural Beauty

There’s nothing like a sagging neck to show off our true age to everyone. The neck region develops loose skin, fine lines, wrinkles, folds, and jowls as we age. For some people it can be embarrassing and make them feel

Prescription Latisse Rejuvenates Eyelashes

Published on March 31, 2017

Your eyes are among the first things people notice about you, and they can give someone a general idea of your personality. Having attractive eyes may make cause someone to look at you in a more positive light, but if

Convenient Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Published on February 17, 2017
Pretty adult girl with perfect legs

Unwanted body hair is an annoying issue that just keeps coming back. No matter how much people wax or shave, those little hairs never seem to go away permanently. The hair removal process is time-consuming, and people can only sit

Cold Temperatures Can Lead To a Slimmer Figure (CoolSculpting)

Published on January 20, 2017

Weight loss is a long and difficult process. It can drain your energy and take a toll on your body, but it can make you more energetic and stronger in the long run. After all the hard work and time

Oxygen Mask Facials for Deep Pore Cleaning

Published on December 30, 2016

If you haven’t heard of it yet, here’s a chance to learn all about the beauty treatment trend that numerous celebrities swear by. Oxygen mask facials, or simply oxygen facials, is a new, non-invasive, non-medical treatment for getting younger and

Fuller Lips With PermaLip Facial Implants

Published on December 16, 2016

Having plump lips is a sign of beauty, good health, and youth. Whether you have congenitally thin lips or your lips have begun to thin out with age, a PermaLip implant is a great way to enhance them. The implant

An Introduction to Dermaplaning

Published on November 18, 2016
Beauty Zen

Dermaplaning is a manual exfoliation technique that can be performed by an experienced plastic surgeon. The procedure is non-invasive and non-surgical. It can remove dirt and dead skin cells from the surface of your skin using a special blade, and

Feel More Confident and Comfortable with Labiaplasty

Published on August 19, 2016

Labiaplasty is the cosmetic reshaping of the inner folds on either side of the vaginal opening. These folds are called the labia minora. Some women do not like the look or size of their labia, or their labia may cause

Are You Interested in a Breast Reduction?

Published on May 27, 2016

Breast reduction, technically knоwn аѕ reduction mammaplasty, iѕ a surgical procedure thаt removes fat, glandular tissue, аnd ѕkin frоm thе breasts, making thеm smaller, lighter, аnd firmer. Breast reduction will аlѕо reduce thе size оf thе areolae аnd will hеlр

ThermiTight Non-Surgical Skin Tightening Treatment

Published on April 30, 2016
Beautiful woman

Dr. JoAnne Lopes has offered her patients ThermiTight for several years now and continues to receive positive feedback on a regular basis. ThermiTight is a safe, painless way for us to dramatically reduce skin laxity in a single treatment and